World Citizen table skirt/banner
  • World Citizen table skirt/banner
  • In front of a lit table
  • W/ FG-21 & FG-GR
  • At an International Cultural Fair

World Citizen Table Skirt / Banner


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This lovely piece of fabric serves multiple functions. It is sized perfectly to hang in front of or behind your literature display, but it is also big enough to carry in a parade. With big, bold lettering proclaiming "The Baha'i Faith" it is an easy way to identify yourselves both at a booth or in a parade. Add matching World Citizen T-shirts, and you have a coordinated look. 

In case you can't read it on your phone, the banner also has the phrase "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens."

World Citizen is such an effective theme that we've made it available in many different forms, from teaching cards to balloons. Click here to see them all. The image of the earth with rays of light on the horizon is also used on our "Who Are the Baha'is" pamphlet and "Baha'i Teachings for a Hopeful Future."  This satin table skirt / banner has a 2" hem across the top to slide a rod through (a telescoping broom handle or PVC pipe work nicely) so you can hang it in front of a table, behind a display, across your wall, or carry it in a parade.

Satin fabric has a beautiful sheen. It should be ironed on the reverse side using the polyester (low) setting before its first use.  For use across the front of a table, consider using long rolls of velcro attached to the top of the back of the table skirt and along the front edge of the table, or table cloth. 

Do not store where it will get hot or damp, or the ink might bleed. If necessary, roll with paper or fabric so that the design is not pressed against itself.

Size is 28x60" (five feet wide and table height).  If you need something smaller, try our World Citizen flag or World Citizen/No Room Yard Sign Cover. These can also be used for displays or parades.

Here's an idea: Using either this banner or our World Citizen flag as a backdrop, encourage people to take selfies of themselves, then reward them with a button or sticker, or even print their picture and hang it on a wall of world citizens. Some communities are also making physical frames with "World Citizen" or the quotation that people can pose behind with the flag, banner, or a map behind them. 

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