World Citizen Awareness Bracelets

World Citizen Awareness Bracelets


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Awareness bracelets are the political buttons of the 21st Century. They are how people proclaim their commitment to a personal cause, whether it be finding a cure for a disease or ending an injustice.

These World Citizen bracelets let people know that you are committed to the oneness of humanity and the coming together of all people. Instead of fighting a problem, it says you are committed to a new view of yourself and the world. With such an important message to make, it is good that the words are both debossed and printed in white on a royal blue silicone bracelet so you can read it from a distance and it will last virtually forever. Wear one on each wrist, and give the extra away to anyone who expresses support for World Citizenship.

Bulk pricing for use at events.

Awareness bracelets are available in three colors and designs. They are World Citizen, Illumine My Heart and an Interfaith Design.