Work for Race Unity Pamphlet
  • Work for Race Unity Pamphlet

Work for Race Unity Pamphlet


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Designed to attract the attention of the general population, this pamphlet fits a lot of information into 28 short, easily understood statements, and several inspiring quotations. It also manages to be both beautiful and inexpensive.

Side one offers "Nine REASONS to Work for Race Unity" and includes thoughts like "Because our children deserve a chance to live in a world free of prejudice." "Because the belief that some people are better or more valuable than others is a spiritual cancer that can consume our souls and destroy our relationships." and "Because it is God's Will and it is always smarter to be with God than against Him."

Side two suggests "Nine WAYS to Work for Race Unity," and includes "Promote education – both your own and other's because ignorance and blind imitation are the root causes of prejudice." "Contemplate the mortality of your body and the immortality of your soul." and "Make lots and lots of diverse friends so that you have many opportunities to study unity and practice virtues."

Also included are ten Bahai quotations, including the unity prayer plus "Ten things Baha'is can do to help," and the 1-800-22-UNITE number.

Written by Justice St Rain