Spanish Who are the Bahá'ís Pamphlet
  • Spanish Who are the Bahá'ís Pamphlet

Who are the Bahá'ís-Spanish Pamphlet


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This is our best-selling pamphlet in English, and I think it is about to become our best selling pamphlet in Spanish as well! The author's research indicated that people are more willing to ask about the Bahá'í Community than the Bahá'í Religion. So he kept the focus personal. It offers a clear overview of the basic teachings of the Bahá'í Faith, presented in a first-person conversational way. It is based on the popular audio tape (now CD) by the same name. Since the text follows both the CD and the English pamphlet, you know exactly what your seeker is reading, and can be prepared with follow-up materials.

This is the first in our new series of 8-panel fold-out pamphlets designed to compliment our best-selling My Baha'i Faith book. The 8.5x22" pamphlet uses large type and includes pictures and illustrations on every page to reinforce the clear and informative text.

Printed on extra-heavy glossy paper.