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Virtues Placemat


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Everyone uses placemats, and educational placemats give you something meaningful to talk about during meals. That makes these ABCs of Virtue placemats printed on 12x16" heavy washable and stain-resistant fabric great gifts for every family you know. 

The colorful design includes the upper- and lower-case version of every letter of the alphabet, with matching virtues below. This give you 52 virtues to talk about while eating meals together. They even come with a sheet of child-friendly definitions so you can recognize the virtues when you see them in action. This helps you get in the habit of naming the virtues you see in each other. 

This placemat coordinates with our ABC Virtues Flags and ABC Virtues Refrigerator Magnets. In fact, you can play the matching game using the magnets together with the placemats.