Virtues Angel poster-pamphlet

Virtues Angel Poster-Pamphlet

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Middle America loves angels, and this brightly colored "dancing angel" poster by award winning Bahá'í artist, Sara Hatch, will grab the attention of just about anyone who is interested in spirituality.

Sized to fit a standard 11 x 14'' frame, they are priced to give away by the thousand at county fairs, hospitals, nursing homes, interfaith activities and more.

The upbeat message, "I beg of God that ye be the bringers of joy, even as are the angels in Heaven. --the Bahá'í Faith" is reinforced by the bright, happy design that will cheer the hearts of all who see it.  Don't be surprised to find it on the walls and refrigerators of seekers all around the country.

The back invites people to become an "angel" by practicing 52 virtues and suggests that "the Bahá'í Community is a safe place... to practice developing virtues."  It also provides three quotations and a prayer that focus on virtues and mention angels.