Unity in Diversity Bumper Sticker

Unity in Diversity Bumper Sticker

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The playful typestyle reinforces this sticker's message of Unity in Diversity. The black, white, yellow and purple create a colorful design without becoming a rainbow - which is often associated with a particular type of diversity.  This design celebrates EVERY kind of diversity.

The adhesive for our new line of bumper stickers sticks when you want it to stick, but comes off easily when you are ready to move your message somewhere else.

That means you can put these mini-billboards on you computer, filing cabinet, desk top, refrigerator, house window, leased car, notebook, briefcase, dorm room door, and a host of other smooth surfaces you would never feel comfortable putting a permanent sticker on. The messages are universal and the polypropylene material has a pearlescent finish that makes the designs really glow with color and light.