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Women & Men -Two Wings Poster-Pamphlet


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This letter-sized poster is pretty, but the pamphlet on the back is fantastic. It was inspired by the National Assembly's statement on women. It explains in very clear terms that the seeds of prejudice of all kinds are sown at home when children witness gender inequities in their families.

This is something women will want to take home with them. It can be given out at fairs, at businesswomen's meetings, educational gatherings, and any other event at which a reasonable number of women will be present. It can be used as a gift or as a conversation starter. (For all-male gatherings, our pamphlet on equality might be more effective.)

An excerpt from the Two Wings Poster Pamphlet:

The mistaken belief that some people are more valuable than others is illogical and destructive. It is the motivating force behind all prejudice, injustice and war.

We will not change this belief, however, as long as most children grow up in families where mothers and sisters are given less respect than fathers and brothers. Children who do not see equality demonstrated in their homes have every reason to feel they must struggle for superiority in their dealings with the rest of the world. The establishment of the equality of women and men is therefore an essential first step towards peace and progress for all of humanity.

With thousands of years of bias to overcome, it will take more than legal, political or social movements to change our often-unconscious attitudes towards women. We must gain a spiritual perspective seeing ourselves as souls first and bodies second, and understanding that our purpose in life is the development of virtues, not the acquisition of money or power.

Though history works against us, the tide of change is with us. The human race is maturing spiritually. This maturity calls for new skills and capacities that will lead us towards a more peaceful and unified future. Working for the equality of women and men can help develop these skills.

The Bahá’í writings explain that the equality of women and men is a spiritual reality. It is an extension of the spiritual principle of the oneness of humanity.  God looks to our soul, not our gender, color or nationality. 

God created one human race and invites us to see ourselves as such.  When we do, then our capacity for peace and prosperity increases dramatically.  When men and women see each other as equal partners, then many more opportunities for advancement are open to them.  In essence, we double our capacity for success.


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