SP Turquoise Ringstone Pendant
  • SP Turquoise Ringstone Pendant
  • pendant appears to "float" over the chain
  • 7 color options

Turquoise and Silver Ringstone Symbol Pendant


Price: $13.95

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  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" sterling box chain (+$12.00)
  • +24" sterling box chain (+$14.00)
  • +20" SP Snake Chain (+$6.00)

Silver Plated Turquoise Blue Ringstone Symbol Pendant

This Baha'i pendant is inspired by the filigree of the dome of the Wilmette House of Worship. We've upgraded the original 1-1/8" design by adding a loop to the back to make it "float" over the chain, and by introducing several new color options.   Turquoise and silver are always a winning combination, which makes this version a safe choice for a gift.  

Ringstone Pendants are excellent teaching tools. They are more visible than rings, and the design is interesting enough for people to ask about its meaning.  It only takes a few seconds to explain that the top line represents God, the middle line represents His messengers, and the bottom line represents humanity, with the Holy Spirit connecting all three. This simple explanation will intrigue the spiritually-minded while not burdening anyone who is not really interested. 

Save $3 on one of our chains when you buy it as an option with this pendant.  The second picture shows how this "floating" style looks when worn with our sterling silver box chain. The third picture shows seven of the eight different color and plating combinations this design is available in .