Toward a Partnership of Women and Men in Business

Toward a Partnership of Women and Men in Business

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New forces are profoundly changing the nature of work and are increasing opportunities for women to assume leadership roles in companies and organizations of all kinds.

George Starcher argues the business case for seizing this opportunity. The values in which women are traditionally strong are badly needed today in the necessary transformation of business from a domination model characterized by achievement, competition, conquest and the unbridled emphasis on profit to a partnership model where these traits are mitigated by the values of service to others and cooperation.

Originally published by the European Bahá’í Business Forum, this book looks at the barriers still confronting women in business and offers examples from the business world in how to overcome these barriers. It argues that a true partnership of women and men leaders, and the blending of feminine and masculine values and qualities, will enhance economic growth, competitiveness and excellence.