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World Citizen Wide-Top Tote Bag


Price: $6.00

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  • Spring Green 
  • Navy Blue 
  • Purple 
  • Royal Blue 
  • 1 for (+$6.00)
  • 4 assorted colors (+$18.00)

One of the easiest ways of going "green" is to bring your own bags to the grocery store. Our new Wide-Top World Citizen Tote is not quite as big as our old "Thunder Tote" but it is more versatile, less expensive, and easier to ship.  It is gusseted, with an 8x12" bottom and flared sides that spread to 20" wide and 13" tall. It does not come with a bottom reinforcement, so it is easier to fold and carry, but if you want added strength, it is easy enough to add a piece of cardboard to the inside bottom yourself.

Double handles make them easy to carry. They are made of non-woven fabric to be light-weight but strong, and fold flat for easy storage. 

Best of all, they make great gifts for just about everyone. The WORLD CITIZEN design is universally popular and is especially appropriate for environmentally conscious shoppers.

Save 25% when you buy four.