Thoughts: Education for Peace and One World

Thoughts: Education for Peace and One World

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I just discovered this wonderful book.  The cover hides the incredible content inside, which is a follow-up for the popular Family Virtues Guide.  

Arranged under 64 themes such as Honesty, Generosity, Kindness and Respect for Others, each section contains

-- quotations from the scriptures of the world
-- 2-5 page stories from many cultures and countries illuminating each theme
-- questions and activities to stimulate teachers and students

You will find this resource invaluable for teaching children's classes of all ages.  Younger children will enjoy the stories and internalize the morals.  Older kids can memorize the quotations and turn the stories into fun plays they can perform at Baha'i schools and Holy Days.  

The questions at the end of the chapter will invite children to think more deeply about the story and provide a ready source for lesson plans.