Secret of Emotions
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The Secret of Emotions


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If following your heart has repeatedly gotten you into trouble, but to follow your head feels like a kind of soul-death, then this book will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. It will teach your head how to understand the language of your heart, and teach your heart how to speak the language of God.

This book explains that our emotional sensations tell us about the virtues we are experiencing, and that these virtues are reflections of the qualities of God in the world. Making the connection between emotions and virtues gives us a whole new vocabulary for understanding our feelings. Since most people make their life-choices based on their feelings rather than reason, understanding the meaning of our emotions is the SECOND-most important lesson we can learn in this life. The MOST important lesson is that virtues are our path to the Transcendent. Whether you call it God, Higher Power, Creative Spirit, or just your better self, we are all born with a longing to become more than we are right now – to demonstrate that we are, indeed, created in the image of the Divine.

The Secret of Emotions is a practical guide to understanding the connection between our emotional sensations, our experience of virtues, and our longing for God.  This understanding will help you heal old wounds, overcome shame, learn the true meaning of love, let go of compulsive behaviors, break unhealthy relationship patterns and develop new, healthy habits that will make future growth even easier.  

This is not an invitation to visualize your way to a better life.  It is a challenge to understand what you feel, recognize how your emotions have led you to where you are, and then train your head, heart and body to work together to make better decisions in the future.

This is by Justice Saint Rain, the author of My Baha'i Faith, Why Me? and Falling Into Grace, and is written in the same easy-to-read conversational style that has made him a favorite in the Baha'i Community.  This is his first work addressed directly to a general audience that is not about the Faith.  It takes the profound thoughts about shame from Falling Into Grace, the loving view of God from Why Me? and the insights on emotions from The Secret of Happiness, and presents them in a way that will heal and inspire people from any religious background.  If you have liked his previous works, you will love this one, and will want to share it with friends. Once you read it, don't forget to write reviews here and on Amazon and GoodReads.com to encourage others to explore its healing message.

This book is the first of three in the Love, Lust and the Longing for God trilogy. Look for excerpts on our FaceBook page of the same name.  Other books in the series include:

Secret of Emotions Kindle Edition

Four Tools of Emotional Healing

Longing for Love, and 

Love, Lust and the Longing for God  which includes all three plus additional information and resources. 

Also available in Audio Book format.

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Note: This is not a picture book, but we have been illustrating excerpts for the FaceBook page, and have included some of these in the images here.  Enjoy!

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