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The Promise of World Peace - Give-away Edition


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Thirty years after it was written, The Promise of World Peace is still as timely as ever. This is a reprint of our most popular edition. It includes a running summary of each paragraph in the side margins of each page. These simplified summaries make it easier for the average reader to grasp the main points that are often presented in PhD-level language. They also make it easy to find the section of the statement that you are looking for when you are talking with someone or are in a study class. 

Printed in two colors and 24 pages long, it is both attractive and affordable. After having been out of stock for over a decade, this printing was made possible by the audacious purchase of 1000 copies by a customer who will be traveling the country giving them away. Grab the balance of the printing while you can. I don't think I'll have the chance to print it again once these are gone.