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Environment Pamphlet


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Interest in the environment has increased tremendously since the last time we printed this pamphlet.  No longer is the ozone layer or some animal extinctions the big issue.  Now it is global warming and the survival of the human race.

But are those the real questions?  Not according to this pamphlet.  The real question concerns the soul’s relationship to the world of creation.

The outside of this pamphlet is a stunning photograph of a tree stump and roots that have been carved into a beautiful face with flowing hair – representing our interconnection with the world of nature.  The image is mirrored to represent the “inner life and outer environment” that the quotation by Shoghi Effendi says cannot be segregated, one from the other.  Inside is a short pamphlet that explains that the first question we must ask is what is the relationship between the soul and the material world.  When we understand that the world is a schoolroom, and “every created thing... is but a door leading into His knowledge,” then we will treat the world with greater respect.

Written by Justice Saint Rain, it includes four quotations and an invitation to learn more.  The 8.5x14” pamphlet folds to 8.5x7” so you only see one face at a time when the pamphlet is folded. Open, it makes a nice mini-poster. It is full color inside and out.

These will, of course, be popular around Earth Day, but their beauty will make them favorites at any literature table, and welcome gifts for your environmentally concerned friends.