The Coming of the Kingdom Comic Book

The Coming of the Kingdom Comic Book


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This is a dynamic and dramatic presentation of Biblical prophecy from a Bahá'í perspective, written as a conversation between two High School students, one Bahá'í and one Christian. Like another book on Christian prophecy, Thief in the Night, it invites the reader to identify with a Christian who has questions and sets out to find answers. This "once removed" connection keeps the reader engaged and challenged, without as much risk of offense.

The text is inspired by the work of David Young, with additional ideas and references drawn from the author’s decades of experience teaching Christians. It is entirely Bible-based and lovingly respectful of Christ and Christianity.

It is designed to be given to Christian friends, but also makes a great deepening tool for youth and anyone wanting to feel more comfortable with Christian topics.

Why the Comic Book Format

When the Sunday paper comes, the comics section is the one I grab first. No matter what I am reading, my eye always goes to the illustrations first. There is a reason why they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether we are talking about individuals or entire civilizations, we learn to interpret the stories of pictures before we learn to interpret words on a page. So it is not surprising that the “graphic novel” (the modern term for comic books) is growing in popularity and stature with adults as well as youth.

This particular graphic novel is like no comic book you have ever seen. Since the author was the artist, and her son was the colorist , the text and pictures work together seamlessly to condense what would have taken hundreds of pages of text down to 32 pages of easy-to-follow dialogue and supporting pictures.

Instead of words, you get to see the flaming chariot of Elijah, and the lion lying down with the lamb. Rendered in full color, the need to interpret these images spiritually becomes painfully obvious. Likewise, the pictures of the Shrines, Terraces and Seat of the House of Justice make the prophecies of Isaiah joyfully concrete.

The quality of the illustrations and the clarity of the text combined with the user-friendly nature of the comic-book format make this something you will be happy to give out to a wide range of Christian adults and youth.

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