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We R 1 Family Balloons (50)


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WeR1 Family (light and dark mix including blue, green, black, red, orange, pink, white and yellow. Ink is red for light balloons and yellow for... More

Peace Baha'i Balloons (50)


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50 Peace Dove balloons (asst bright colors turquoise, red, black, hot pink, blue, yellow and green) These balloons don't say Baha'i because we don't... More

No Room in my Heart for Prejudice T-Shirt


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BACK IN STOCK! This shirt is a nice complement to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. This shirt helps round out our most popular teaching campaign... More

Prayers for Women - Wings of Prayer Mini-Book


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4 x 6, 56 pages
Baha'i Prayers for Women Surveys indicate that women tend to have a richer, more committed prayer life than men. It is appropriate, then, to have a... More
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Brilliant Star Interfaith Button

CODE: BN-207

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Says 'Every child is a Brilliant Star' This is a popular gift for children's classes and Holy Day parties. Size: 2 1/4" diameter It matches our... More

Spread the Promise of Peace Baha'i Button


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Spread the Promise of Peace Bahai Button Size: 2 1/4" diameter Design © Justice St Rain

Spread the Promise of Peace Interfaith Button


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The positive message and deep purple background have made this one of our most popular buttons to give away at events. Size: 2 1/4" diameter Design... More

The Same God Listens Bahá'í Button

CODE: BN-296

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The Same God Listens To Everyone's Prayers This matches our stickers and flag, and offers a sentiment that is more universally accepted than the idea... More

We R 1 Family Round Interfaith Button


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The unifying sentiment "We Are One Family" is stylistically rendered in letters and numbers in a way that is reminiscent of Robert Indiana's LOVE design.... More

Women and Men Interfaith Button


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Women and Men - Like Wings of One Bird This photographic version of our Women & Men button combines the feminine element of angelic wings with the... More

Brilliant Star Teaching Card


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Every child is a brilliant star. It matches our  T-shirts ,   Buttons ,  Stickers  and  Display poster . More
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Unity in Diversity Bumper Sticker

CODE: BS-133

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The playful typestyle reinforces this sticker's message of Unity in Diversity. The black, white, yellow and purple create a colorful design without... More