Teaching Themes

World Citizen Table Skirt / Banner


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28 x 60
This lovely piece of fabric serves multiple functions. It is sized perfectly to hang in front of or behind your literature display, but it is also big... More

Welcome Everybody! Door/Garden Flag


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In this world of prejudice and fear, just saying "Welcome!" becomes a source of light and unity.  Adding "Everybody" to the message makes these... More
  • Door (+$12.95)
  • Garden (+$17.95)

Original No Room in My Heart for Prejudice Stickers

CODE: ST-8-original

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2 1/2" diameter
This is still my most popular sticker.  It is such a personal statement, and it wears so well right over the heart that both adults and children love... More
  • 100 (+$9.00)

Interfaith Golden Rule Poster-Pamphlet


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This letter-sized interfaith Golden Rule design includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in six of the world's major religions - Judaism,... More
  • 10 (+$4.00)
  • 100 (+$30.00)
  • 500 (+$125.00)

Small Mother of Pearl Interfaith Pendant in Black


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1" diameter

Each of these 1" diameter mother-of-pearl interfaith pendants is a unique work of art that will spark conversations about the value of respecting all religions.

  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" plated snake (+$4.00)
  • + 20" ss box chain (+$12.00)
  • + 24" ss box chain (+$14.00)

Wooden Interfaith Pendant


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1" diameter
This is a light-weight low-cost pendant that includes symbols for seven religions. If you are looking for jewelry that includes Zoroastrianism, this is it.... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" silver plated snake (+$6.00)
  • + 20" gold plated rope chain (+$7.00)

New 2" No Room in My Heart for Prejudice Stickers


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2" diameter
This is our most popular sticker. No room in my heart for prejudice is such a personal statement, and it wears so well right over the heart that both... More
  • 100 (+$7.50)
  • 500 (+$30.00)

No Room Interfaith Balloons (50)


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No Room In My Heart For Prejudice (light and dark mix including blue, green, black, red, orange, pink, white and yellow) A bag of 50 balloons.

Baha'i World Citizen T-Shirt

CODE: TS-220

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My white crescent World Citizen T-shirt design has been one of my top five sellers for 25 years, so it is with some trepidation that I introduce an updated, contemporary version. For CHILDREN'S SIZES smaller than youth large, see the version without the words "Baha'i Faith," TS-221

Large Gold Plated Cloisonne Interfaith Pendant


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This Interfaith Pendant makes a wonderful statement about your openness to many spiritual paths. Made of 22k gold-plated copper, it has six different... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" GP cable chain (+$4.00)
  • +20" GP rope chain (+$7.00)
  • +20" GF Snake chain (+$25.00)

No Room in my Heart for Prejudice Baha'i Button


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no room in my heart for PREJUDICE button This is one of our best-selling buttons.  It comes in two versions.  This one says "The Baha'i... More

Golden Rule Bookmark


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These two-sided bookmarks have six versions of the Golden Rule from six major religions on one side - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and... More
  • 10 for (+$3.00)
  • 50 for (+$10.50)
  • 250 for (+$45.00)