Star Cake Stencil
  • Star Cake Stencil
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  • Brownie w/ powdered sugar
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Star/Holiday Cake/Craft Stencils


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Whether you are decorating a cake, making holiday cards, or puting a border around your room, this pair of plastic stencils will be a little bit of magic.  Two separate sheets give you stars, borders, three specific Holy Days and a generic Holy Day, that can be mixed and matched to make every project a little bit more special. Small stars for cookies and cupcakes, large ones for cakes, star clusters and star lines, there is even a star of hearts that matches our small cookie cutter stamps.  

It has never been more fun to be a Baha'i! Food-grade translucent white plastic will hold up to repeated use if you treat it gently. 

Sheets are individually packages, but sold together. Size of each stencil is 9x9". They can ship alone 1st class, or with other flat items in a flat-rate Priority envelope. 

Stay tuned for photos of sample projects as well as helpful hints for how to use them. 

Looking for tips? There are many "how to" sites online. Here is one I found helpful. Who knew that you could get edible "pearl dust" to sprinkle over a stencil? You can also use powdered sugar, coca, cinnamon, edible spray food coloring, and royal icing. Evidently, most people use stencils with a smooth surface called Fondant. I had never heard of it, but here is an easy recipe for making it yourself. 

Feel free to send me pictures of your creations!