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Square Indigo 9-Pointed Star Silk Satin Scarf


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This is our largest square scarf, designed by Baha'i pioneer and artist extraordinaire Joe Paczkowski from Finland.  It makes a wonderful head scarf, neckerchief, bandana and belt, but it is also so beautiful and radiant in irridescent satin that many people will want to simply hang it on their wall or drape it over the back of their couch.  It is that gorgeous.

The scarf is three-foot square, which is 80% more fabric than our long star scarves.  This makes it plenty big to use for dozens of different scarf knots - around your head, around your neck or around your waist.  Click on the picture and then scroll to see some of the many ways it can be worn.

Silk scarves are becoming hard to find, and can cost hundreds of dollars.  You will love the feel of this shimmering satin against your skin, and the multi-colored design picks up the primary colors of almost any outfit you own.  I call this the "Square Indigo" scarf.  It is the same design as our "Square Blue" scarf from before, but the new printing on heavier satin is just enough richer in color to bring out the indigo side of the dark blue.  If you look closely, though, you will find every color of the rainbow in this design, including earth tones, so it looks good with everything.

Their light weight and durability makes these great gifts for mailing around the world.  Everyone everywhere appreciates the combination of beauty and quality that pure silk manifests.  And you won't find a nine-pointed star scarf anywhere else.