Spiritual Perspectives on America's Role As Superpower

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Spiritual Perspectives on America's Role As Superpower

This timely book provides us with an opportunity to pause and reflect on what may be the most pressing issue of our day: What are America's global responsibilities as the only remaining superpower?

What should we be doing with our resources, energy, talent, and strength? What shouldn't we be doing?

Spiritual Perspectives on America's Role as Superpower invites you to explore these essential questions with sixteen of today's most profound religious and spiritual teachers. Coming from a wide variety of faiths, including Prodestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist as well as interfaith traditions, this intriguing volume's contributors bring a crucial point of view to the already intense national debate centering on America's place in the world: that of spirituality.

An invaluable resource for those wishing to better understand varied spiritual viewpoints on America's role as superpower, these thought-provoking original essays provide a lucid introduction to the historical, moral, and theological aspects of this controversial issue.