Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring


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At last! A book that leaves you feeling good about being a man without resorting to stereotypes, platitudes or cheerleading.

Here are true-life stories about ordinary men -- not philosophers, gurus, business tycoons or politicians, but the kind of man you played ball with as a kid, worked with at the plant, or studied with in college.

These men became spiritual mentors for the author, not because they set themselves on pedestals, but because they demonstrated in their daily lives the timeless virtues that define the human experience.

These are interesting people and fun stories, told in a personal voice that inspired one reviewer to say "the author is clearly an artist whose medium is words." Men of all ages will gain a more positive image of themselves, and women will enjoy the window into male-to-male interactions.

I really enjoyed this book. Many years ago I went looking for a mentor. The surprising response I got from virtually every man I met was that, while they may have looked like mature adult males to me, on the inside they were faking it the same as I was. Like me, they were struggling with their own understanding of what it meant to be a man. Twelve years, two children and three stepchildren later, I still feel I have a lot to learn about how to be an adult male. So you can imagine my pleasure at discovering this collection of stories about ordinary, sane, responsible, interesting men who have qualities worth learning from, and who enter into relationships that are respectful, honest and supportive.

Because the author and two of the men he writes about are Bahá'ís, this is an excellent "soft" introduction to the Faith that will make the Faith seem normal and the Bahá'ís more approachable to men who might otherwise write us off as some strange "new age" religion. The blind-embossed cover and short-story format make it a masculine-looking gift for even the most casual male reader.