I will be discontinuing many of my T-shirt designs by the end of the summer or before. If you like these designs, grab them while you can. They are on sale, and many are even less expensive if you let us choose the color.

Sale prices are for online orders only.  If you call, they will be the regular price.

Note: T-Shirts can NOT be shipped by Media Mail.

One Light Many Lamps T-Shirt

CODE: TS-247

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One Light-Many Lamps Interfaith T-shirt. Looking for something simple, and classic? This is the kind of shirt you could wear every day. The message is... More

The Kingdom of God is Here! T-shirt


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This clever design presents the idea that God's Kingdom is not "out there" waiting for a miracle to descend, but is "in here" waiting for our hearts to practice Godly virtues.  It can print on any light-to-medium colored T-shirt in adult and children's sizes.