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Star Charm Lapel Pin


Price: $5.95

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  • 1 Blue & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 1 Red & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 10 Assorted (+$49.95)

These small lapel pins are upscale yet affordable unisex gifts for Baha'is of any age. They are dignified conversation pieces that are appropriate in the most formal settings as well as being a nice accent for more informal attire. They come in two colors to complement any jacket, blazer or purse. As a small pin with a safety clutch back, they are also perfect for children.

You can use them as lapel pins, brooches, or tie tacks. They also match our small charm pendants, which can be turned into earrings, so you can combine them any way you like in sets appropriate for men or women.

Priced so you can give them away as thank-you gifts or class graduation presents.  

22k gold plated, they are 11mm square - the same size as our charm pendants.

The pin is held firmly in place by a butterfly clutch.

Note: If you want to use these as post-style earrings, you may, but the lapel pin is not hypoallergenic, so only do so if you know you are not sensetive to base metal.