Ringstone Star Lapel Pins

Small Ringstone Star Lapel Pin


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  • Crimson (+$8.50)
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These small star lapel pins are 16mm round (5/8") with a finely detailed ringstone symbol in the center. I think they are among the prettiest pieces I've ever designed. They are moderatly subtle, but clear about being a Baha'i. They come in three color combinations: Crimson Black & Gold, Black Green and Gold, and Storm Blue White and Sterling Silver. (They are plated, not solid gold or silver).

Ringstone Lapel Pins are excellent teaching tools. They are more visible than rings, and can be worn by both men and women. The design is interesting enough for people to ask about its meaning.  It only takes a few seconds to explain that the top line represents God, the middle line represents His messengers, and the bottom line represents humanity, with the Holy Spirit connecting all three. This simple explanation will intrigue the spiritually-minded while not burdening anyone who is not really interested. 

You can use them as lapel pins, brooches, or tie tacks. 

The pin is held firmly in place by a high-quality butterfly catch.

Save $3.50 when you buy all three.