Set of  7"Armed" pendants
  • Set of  7"Armed" pendants
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Set of 7 2-sided "Armed" Pendants


Price: $98.00

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  • 7 Pendants Only 
  • With chains (+$28.00)

Our most popular pendant now comes in seven color combinations. Buy the set at a special price and give them as community gifts. You can get them with or without low-cost chains. Original price without chains was $13.95 each, or with chains for $19.95-$20.95 each.

"Armed with the power of Thy Name nothing can ever hurt me, and with Thy love in my heart, all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me."

As the world has spiraled into dark times, this short yet powerful prayer has become the mantra of the age. I put it on this beautiful pendant because I wanted something like the Prayer for Protection dog tags that have been so popular with youth, but for adults – both men and women.

At just over an inch in diameter, the size is right, and with seven different versions – from the dramatic black or cobalt on silver-plate to the rich red or subtle white on gold-plate – they will appeal to almost anyone.

The symbolism of the two sides adds extra power to the prayer – the Greatest Name is on the side with "the power of Thy Name," The Ringstone symbol, which includes the Love of God, or the Holy Spirit as the uniting vertical line, is on the side that says "with Thy love in my heart…" Combined, they will add a small measure of comfort and security to your day every time you wear it.

These obviously make excellent gifts for new Baha'is or for anyone who is struggling in the face of challenges. When purchased with chains, you will get gold-plated rope chains and silver-plated snake chains, both 20".

Note: The black and the cobalt blue look similar, but have different personalities. Look at the close-up image to see the subtle difference.