Sense of God

Sense of God

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Socioligical,Anthropoligical, and Psycholgical Approaches to the Origin of the Sense of God

How do human beings arrive at a sense of God? What shapes our sense, or senses, of God? And what happens when our sense of God comes under strain? This challenging and penetrating book, based on a series of Oxford lectures, examines possible responses to all these questions as they relate to sociology, anthropology and psychology.

Probing such subjects as Freudian theory, the physiology of the brain and religious ceremonies surrounding death and burial, Professor John Bowker has written a scholarly yet accessible work aimed at a wide readership. Drawing on several different disciplines, The Sense of God suggest a new approach to the analysis and explanation of the religious beliefs, and points out that the implications of this approach not only for theology but for all theories of human behavior.