Baha'i Welcome Flag

Satin Welcome Flag


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These beautiful satin fabric pennant-style flags are designed to be equally appropriate on the wall of your home, in your Bahá'í Center, or hanging behind a literature table. At 24x30"" they are big enough to attract attention, but not so big they overpower a room. They have a plastic rod hidden at the top and bottom to make them hang straight, and a decorative cord at the top so they are ready to hang anywhere.

This "WELCOME to the world of the Bahá'ís" flag will look wonderful in the entryway of your Bahá'í Center. Hang it over your guest book or literature display.

When you set up literature tables at fairs and festivals, this flag will help give your display a coordinated look. The earth with pictures of smiling faces below matches the front of our best-selling Who Are the Bahá'ís pamphlet  as well as the introductory book,My Bahá’í Faith.

Satin fabric has a beautiful sheen and can be ironed on the reverse side using the polyester (low) setting. Because of their length, these are shipped separately by first-class mail for $4.00 (within the U.S.). This $4.00 is included in the $28.00 price.  If you order more than one flag, you will only pay $24.00 per flag, until the weight goes over 12oz.  UPS, rush or international shipping is additional.

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