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Satin "One Light Many Lamps" Table Skirt / Banner

CODE: FG-247

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The "One Light – Many Lamps" image instantly conveys the principles of the Oneness of God and Progressive Revelation. This means that people who walk by it quickly or glance at it in a parade will still get the message of unity it presents. It includes both religious symbols and the names of the Founders of six major religions, along with a summary quotation by Baha'u'llah.  

It is such an effective design that we've made it available in many different forms, from teaching cards to booklets. This satin table skirt / banner may be the prettiest version yet. It has a 2" hem across the top to slide a rod through (a telescoping broom handle works nicely) so you can hang it in front of a table, behind a display, across your wall, or carry it in a parade.

Satin fabric has a beautiful sheen. It should be ironed on the reverse side using the polyester (low) setting before its first use.  For use across the front of a table, consider using long rolls of velcro attached to the top of the back of the table skirt and along the front edge of the table, or table cloth. 

Do not store where it will get hot or damp, or the ink might bleed. If necessary, roll with paper or fabric so that the design is not pressed against itself.

Size is 28x60" (five feet wide and table height).  If you need something smaller, try our One Light Wall Hanging

Design by Justice St Rain