House of Worship Satin Wall Hanging
  • House of Worship Satin Wall Hanging
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Satin House of Worship / One One One Wall Hanging

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This beautiful 24x36" satin wall hanging looks almost exactly like our best-selling teaching card of the House of Worship.  The shiny satin fabric is much more durable than a poster. You can fold it up, stick it in a drawer, and pull it out and iron it when you need it.  Or put a dowel rod through the 2” hems at the top and 1" hem at the bottom and mount it on your wall to enjoy every day.  It looks great in a Bahá’í Center, dorm room, display case or behind a literature table.  

The One Loving Creator, One Unfolding Religion, One Human Family theme captures the essence of the Baha'i Faith in one easy-to-remember, say and explain phrase. It is available on T-shirts and bumper stickers too.

Note:  This is fabric, not paper, so the edges are not completely straight, but the satin really makes the colors glow and the overall look is very dramatic.