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Rose-Scented Interfaith Air Freshener


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The front of this interfaith air freshener says “A Rose is beautiful in whatsoever garden it may bloom.”  The back has the interfaith rosette. Together they make a powerful statement about the oneness of religion. Use them as a subtle teaching tool that will literally “hang around” for a long time, or just use them yourself to create a more soothing atmosphere.  

Every time I smell roses, it takes me back to the Holy Shrines.  Now my home, car and Bahá’í Center all evoke that memory.  Three-inch diameter die-cut design releases scent for 2-3 months.  Buy in bulk to give away at interfaith activities, as gifts to guests, as party favors, or just so you have a year's supply for yourself. These were out of stock for over five years, so make sure you don't run out!