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Harlan Scheffler, grandchild of very early American Bahais, reflects upon his life experiences and shares some of his well earned wisdom. A wellknown artist in his professional life, Harlan demonstrates he can write with just as much talent. This is a fun read for parents, for those who can learn from others and for those who think about big questions. Many parents and teachers are troubled by present-day trends and their influence on the children they know or have responsibility for – trends such as indifference, apathy, and materialism feeding our increasingly fragile connections with our environment and with each other, our worldwide and unrelenting distrust of each other, our isolation whether racial, religious, societal or ecological, our war-torn planet, our divided consciousness where material things are true and non-material things are also true but are treated as poles apart.

This book demonstrates that logical and independent thought can be reconciled with spiritual insight. It explores how energy – spirit – motivates all forms, both in the natural world and the non-material world, and how an understanding of this can help young people to rediscover their connections to their surroundings and imbue their lives with meaning and purpose.