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Pure Gold - Encouraging Character Qualities in Marriage


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Every marriage can use a little help. Communication skills are nice. Financial responsibility is nice. But the real key to a successful marriage is two people committed to developing their own characters and being supportive of their partners efforts to develop theirs. 

“One of the most important ingredients for any marriage is the commitment by both parties to growth. This book enables couples to explore the true meaning of growth based on the development of character qualities and virtues. It is set out in a very clear and readable way with the addition of exercises to practice the relevant skills.”   ~ Fiona McDonald, Marriage Educator, Manager of Education Services and Professional Development for Relationships Australia

This classic book by the Marriage Transformation Project is a great anniversary gift for any couple.

Pure Gold will be useful for the following:

 Married Couples - to nurture and solidify your relationship; Part 2 of the book is excellent for use as a daily reading tool

 Courting and Engaged Couples - to assist you with understanding one another’s character and determining if you have the qualities to sustain a marriage

 Religious Leaders/Clergy - to use in pre-marital and marital counseling and in nurturing marriages in your congregations and communities

 Workshop/Study Session Leaders - to use with individuals and couples interested in exploring marriage in group settings

 Relationship Professionals (such as mentor-couples, marriage counselors, relationship coaches, social workers, and others) - to use as a tool for supporting couples to move in positive directions in their relationships

 Parents - to assist you with supporting the relationships of your adult children and with understanding the characters of potential new family members

Other reviewers have said:

“Pure Gold is a lifeline for today’s couples, containing rich definitions of the virtues that sustain joy, tenderness, and intimacy in our marriages. It provides valuable tools of understanding, reflection, and action, leading each couple to their own path of lasting transformation.”

~ Linda Kavelin Popov, author of The Family Virtues Guide and A Pace of Grace; married to Dan Popov, Ph.D.


“Intimacy, love, and partnership in marriage develop when spouses commit themselves to one another and develop the ethical strength to abide such commitments, even though they may call for significant sacrifices and compromises. With a refreshing openness to the common insights of both faith and science, Pure Gold lays out some simple steps couples can take to form and maintain this type of mature marriage.”

~ Jason S. Carroll, Ph.D., coauthor of Premarital Predictors of Marital Quality or Breakup; School of Family Life, Brigham Young University


“I have been happily married to my wife Jody for 23 years, a marriage therapist for twenty years, and the author of several books on marriage and family life. Yet I was learning new things as I devoured the pages of this book. Pure Gold is a pure gift—engaging, wise, and chock full of ideas that can be immediately put into action and make your marriage a pure joy.”

~ Paul Coleman, Psy.D., author of How to Say It for Couples: Communicating with Tenderness, Openness, and Honesty


“Pure Gold is a solid formula for those who are willing to work on their marriage relationship and personal growth. God bless you for your obviously demanding labor of love for Love.”

~ Greg and Ann Miller, Executive Directors of Open Door Family Ministry; married couple


“The authors work like detectives in discovering the solid evidence that supports the reasons why good marriages last—by putting together the essential clues of the healthy relationship puzzle. We see Pure Gold as a useful and positive tool for the earnest couple to discover the spiritual gold in their own marital treasure-trove. A job well-done!”

~ Michelle Thelen-Steere, M.A. in Clinical Counseling and Certified Hypnotherapist with Native Intelligence, Consultative Educators (cross cultural specialty) and John Thelen-Steere, M.A., Environmental Planner; married


“Pure Gold is an absolute Must-Read for any couple planning to get married in the future. It’s not enough to plan just for the wedding, but to plan for a future as husband and wife. This book is a tremendous and inspiring resource, providing thoughtful conversation topics, deep questions to answer, actions to take, and a priceless collection of insights into the top virtues and qualities each strong marriage partner should not only possess, but practice.”

~ Sharon Naylor, author of 25+ wedding books, including Your Special Wedding Vows