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Prayer Mat Cover by Joe Paczkowski


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Introducing a modern version of a prayer rug: This is a beautiful piece of knit fabric created from artwork by Joe Paczkowski, the artist behind many of our scarves. It is designed with pockets at the top and bottom that wrap around the ends of a standard 24"x72" yoga mat. It creates a clean, portable and reverent place to say the long obligatory prayer.  When you place your forehead on the floor, it lands on the beautiful blue star.  The fabric is synthetic, but so soft that it feels wonderful to touch.

We recommend using the popular Gold Gym yoga mat that is available online and at Walmart for about $15.00. It comes in a variety of colors with its own carrying strap. The fabric will extend just enough to cover the side edges, and the mat is thick enough to provide cushioning even on concrete. You can, of course, use it with any similarly-sized mat, or even without the mat on carpeting, but then it does not provide as much cushioning as a standard prayer rug. 

Without the mat, it is light and easy to throw in your suitcase to give you a clean space on a motel room floor. It is washable in cold water on gentle cycle. 

We also added openings in the top hem so that you can slide a dowel rod across the top to hang it on the wall when it is not in use.  Because the fabric is stretchy, it will not hang as straight as a flag, but is still pretty. You can add a backing to it if you want it displayed on the wall permanently.

Actual size is 25"x72" (6 feet long).