Prayer for Protection Dog Tags

Prayer for Protection Dog Tags


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Fashion jewelry and powerful prayer in one item!  This two-sided pendant has the first line of the following prayer and the Ringstone Symbol on the front and the rest of the prayer on the back.

"Immeasurably exalted art Thou, O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily, Thy protection over all things is unfailing."

This prayer by The Báb has been a great source of comfort to many Bahá'ís. Now you can wear it around your neck, hang it from your car mirror, attach it to your keys or hook it to your luggage – because in a wild and crazy world, it is nice to have a physical reminder of God’s protection. It is also helpful to have this prayer handy when you feel the need to say it. It applies to spiritual as well as physical protection.

In addition to displaying a powerful prayer, this bright-finish steel Dog Tag is a very attractive piece of fashion jewelry that will be popular with young Bahá'ís across the country. The heavy 24" steel ball chain is easily adjusted to your chosen length. The design is both deep etched and colored to make it dramatic and easy to read.

Wearing this will help you and your loved ones feel spiritually protected. They make thoughtful gifts for members of your extended family, and anyone going on a trip or facing difficulties. Approximately 1-1/8" x 2" (Note: NOT for dogs!)