Prayer Coin Collection
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Prayer Coin Collection


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Get an assortment of our popular prayer coins at a special price.

This collection includes equal numbers of:

The Short Healing Prayer - a thoughtful gift for anyone facing health issues.

The Morning Prayer for Travelers - can be carried, worn, or hung in on your rearview mirror. It is a perfect gift for anyone going on a trip, a guest visiting from afar, or anyone who commutes.

Remover of Difficulties Coin. This includes two of the most powerful prayers for assistance on one easy-to-carry metal coin - The Remover of Difficulties prayer by The Bab, and "He who puts his trust in God..." prayer by Baha'u'llah. Give these to anyone who is facing difficulties, whether personal or financial. They will thank you for it.

Concept and design by Justice St Rain.

Please don't ask for more of one coin than another at the assorted price.