Bahai Burial Ring
  • Bahai Burial Ring

Oval Bahai Burial Ring


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We now have two Baha'i burial rings.  This one is more traditional in styling, with the required phrase inscribed on the front of a gold-plated base-metal ring.  It is much nicer than the cheap resin-coated rings sold elsewhere, but is not gold-plated sterling silver like our wrap-around design

Note that the oval face is 5/8"x3/4" so the writing is VERY small, but still readable if your eyes are good.  Fortunately, God knows what it says.  See the third picture to see it next to a penny and our other burial ring for comparison.  The third picture shows it in the yellow-gold face, which is no longer available.

Every community should have at least one Burial Ring in stock in case of an emergency, and it never hurts to have a choice between two styles.

Placing a rush order for a ring is the last thing you want to have to worry about when the time comes.