One Planet Tote Bag
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One Planet, One People...Tote Bags!


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One Planet Royal

Light-weight, Low-cost, Big, Bright, Book-Bags with a universal message of religious and global harmony, priced so that you can give them to everyone in your study circle, children's class, book club and extended family.    What more could you ask for?  So light that we can send ten of them by 1st-class mail, yet the non-woven fabric and reinforced handles will hold up to years of abuse without ripping.

The symbols included in the design include the Baha'i Star, the Jewish Star, the Christian Cross, the Islamic Crescent and Star, the Buddhist prayer wheel and the Taoist Yin-Yang.  It is a call for religious tolerance and global unity.

Choose from five dynamic colors for only $7.50 each, or get the assortment for only $25.00 - only $5 each!  NOTE: the 5-price is for one of each color while supplies last.

These are the same size as our old canvas totes, about 14x15"