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One Planet, One People...Please


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The return of a classic with an interfaith twist.

One Planet, One People...Please was a popular Baha'i slogan back in the 70's. Then it referenced race unity and ending the cold war. Now our hatreds have turned religious and the plea for seeing ourselves as children of One God are even more important.
In recognition of the changing nature of our need for unity, I've resurrected the old design with a modern twist.
This version uses the Baha'i star, the Jewish star, the Muslim crescent moon and star, the Buddhist prayer wheel and the Taoist Yin Yang to highlight the need for religious unity.

The design comes in two sizes, adult and kid's, so it can fit on any size shirt.  If you want a color other than black, call and ask what is available in your size.

It is also available as a button or magnet and a sticker.