One Light  Many Lamps Mini-Book

One Light Many Lamps Mini-Book


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One Light Many Lamps Mini-book

There are millions of people out there who would like to believe that all religions come from God, but who just can't reconcile the glaring differences in religious teachings. This booklet, inspired by our best-selling teaching card and banner, offers a rational explanation for the differences between religions. While it may not convince skeptics, it will ease the concerns of open-minded seekers of unity. Like the new Secret of Happiness, this is formatted as a gift book, with quotations from various religions on every other page. It demonstrates the similarities between religious scripture while explaining the reasons for the differences in their theology. Anyone who is intrigued by the cover will be inspired by the information inside.

The text is written in a conversational tone. It uses the metaphor of the school to explain progressive revelation. It also makes the case that the differences between the major religions is no greater than the differences between the beliefs of individual Christians – quoting a survey that claims 21% of the Christians in America believe that they are reincarnated! Conflicting beliefs, therefore, do not prove differences in origin, only differences in interpretation.

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Written by Justice St Rain, author of My Baha'i Faith and The Rumor of Christ's Return.