On Sight and Insight

On Sight and Insight

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In 1983, finally forced to accept his now total blindness, John Hull began to keep a cassette diary. In it he recorded his daily experiences, his thoughts and impressions, things that puzzled or delighted him. This book is the result. It is not the journal of how a blind man struggled against and overcame the new difficulties he encountered; rather it offers a unique journey into the 'other world' of blindness, an insight into the almost spiritual transition from being a sighted person who cannot see, to being a blind person.

John Hull presents a world where people have no faces, including himself; a world of vivid dreams; a world in which his perception of sound, silence, time and space are gradually but dramatically transformed as his sight fades. He relates his interactions with other people and the practical details of his changed life, such as moving around at a party and walking home. And most fascinating of all, he describes his relationships with his young children, and their growing understanding of his blindness and what it means.

For the sighted reader, On Sight and Insight not only provides a moving portrayal of the experience of being blind, it also gives a heightened awareness of the role of sight in our lives, which goes way beyond the ability to see.