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No Room for Prejudice Teaching Card


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This easy-to-carry version of our best-selling "No room in my heart for prejudice" theme draws a direct connection between prejudice, the chaos of the world, and blind imitation of the past. Give one to anyone interested in any of these three issues.

The following quotation is split between the front and the back, with websites and 22-UNITE phone number at the bottom, and extra space for you to add your own information:

"The breeding-ground of all these tragedies is prejudice: prejudice of race and nation, of religion, of political opinion; and the root cause of prejudice is blind imitation of the past — imitation in religion, in racial attitudes, in national bias, in politics. So long as this aping of the past persisteth, just so long will the foundations of the social order be blown to the four winds, just so long will humanity be continually exposed to direst peril."