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Here are products that are new since our last full catalog.  After a few months, we move new BOOKS to our Newest Books page under the Books/Adult tab.

52 Virtue Character Coins


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This set of 52 wooden Character Coins will help you focus on the virtues you want to develop in yourself and in your children. Choose one a week to... More

Prayer Mat Cover by Joe Paczkowski


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Introducing a modern version of a prayer rug: This is a beautiful piece of knit fabric created from artwork by Joe Paczkowski, the artist behind many of our... More

Baha'i Word Puzzles Volume 2

CODE: BK-8011

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8.5x11 132pg

The best way to learn is through play. 

Some of the word games in this book are really easy. Some are really hard. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you can have fun figuring it all out - either by yourself or as a team, in cooperation with others, or competing with them. Start at the beginning and work your way through, or just do the kinds of puzzles you like, or the ones on the topics you are interested in. 

Treble Clef Star Pendant - Gold Plated


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Singers, musicians, and music-lovers alike will resonate with this pendant design. The nine-pointed star is made from the treble clef symbol, spun around a... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" GP cable chain (+$4.00)
  • +20" GP rope chain (+$7.00)
  • +20" gold filled chain (+$25.00)

Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow

CODE: BK-1018

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From the producers of Luminous Journey comes a delightful children's book that explores the alliterative magic of the letter M.  Nine short stories... More

Twelve Steps & the Baha'i Faith


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5.5x8.5, 96 pages / 978-1888547-55-9 / softcover

You know that I am a Baha'i, and if you have read any of my books, you have probably guessed that I also have a lot of experience with the twelve-step recovery community. I love both of these communities, and I feel in my heart of hearts that they have a lot to offer each other. 

  • 1 for (+$6.95)
  • 5 for (+$25.00)
  • 20 (+$80.00)

Days of Remembrance


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Clothbound, not / pocket paper
Days of Remembrance offers forty-five selections from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh, most of which have not been previously translated or... More

Kid's Silver-Colored Interfaith Necklace


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Here is a low-cost gift for children that will make a lasting impression. Click for quantity discounts! These silver-colored interfaith necklaces come... More

Companions of the Crimson Ark

CODE: bk-6187

This is the first book in a series which tellsthe dramatic stories of some of the women and men, young and old, who, in the time of... More

No Room/World Citizen Yard Sign Cover


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30" x 40"
Let the world know where you stand! As the world is slowly dividing between those who welcome diversity and those who fear it, it is more important than... More

Star/Holiday Cake/Craft Stencils


$11.95   $8.95
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Whether you are decorating a cake, making holiday cards, or puting a border around your room, this pair of plastic stencils will be a little bit of magic.... More

Prayer for America Postcard


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4 1/4 x 6"
Newly Updated! Our Prayer for American Postcard now matches our new Prayer for American Poster/Pamphlet. These 4.25x5.5" postcards are an easy way... More
  • 10 (+$3.50)
  • 50 (+$15.00)
  • 500 (+$100.00)