No Room in My Heart for Prejudice Stickers
  • No Room in My Heart for Prejudice Stickers
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New 2" No Room in My Heart for Prejudice Stickers


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This is our most popular sticker. No room in my heart for prejudice is such a personal statement, and it wears so well right over the heart that both adults and children love to put them on. It also coordinates well with our other “no room” items. We gave away 4,000 at our 4th of July parade and another 2,800 at our  fair.   They slide off the fingers so you can give them out faster than candy at parades. At the fair, they were just as popular with kids as posters or balloons, but cheaper, so we attracted families but gave posters and literature only to adults. It worked well.

If you are giving these out at schools or for a non-Baha'i activity, consider using the version that doesn't say Baha'i

In 2018 we redesigned the sticker to make the colors brighter and the price lower. It is now 2" round instead of 2.5" and is laminated to make the colors pop and make the sticker more durable when used on laptops, bumpers, phones and any other smooth surface. 

By making them just a little smaller we were able to reduce the price by about 20%. We also had them pre-rolled in packs of 500 instead of 1000 so you can get our best bulk price without spending as much. Click on the second picture to see how the size and finish compare with our old ones.