Neither Gone Nor Forgotten
  • Neither Gone Nor Forgotten

Neither Gone Nor Forgotten


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Back in Stock!  People often say that a loved one is "gone but not forgotten." As Bahais, we know that they are not gone, only temporarily out of touch. Our Writings offer the clearest understanding of the immortality of the soul and the most comforting description of the joyous world that awaits us after death of any of the major religions.  It is a bounty for us to be able to share them with our friends.  This little booklet will help you do that in a sensitive and dignified way.

This compilation addresses the central concerns people have: Does the soul survive death? Do we go to a better place? Will we remember those we loved? Will we recognize one another when we meet again? Brief quotations use the metaphors of the bird in a cage, the plant moved by the kind gardener, and birth from the womb to provide comfort to the grieving and hope for the sick.

This Gift Card Booklet uses a unique 14-panel fold-around format that provides room for lots of quotations on a full-color background while remaining very inexpensive. The colors and tone complement the musical sympathy card, Lord I Bear Witness (mus-222). They would make appropriate gifts at any memorial service.

Concept and layout by Matthew Levine.  Edited by Justice St Rain.