the Bab's Names Flag
  • the Bab's Names Flag
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Names of The Bab Banner


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Designed to coordinate with our Bicentenary materials, this flag, proclaiming the Names and Station of The Bab, can be used to decorate your home, Baha'i Center or literature display year-round.  They can also be purchased as part of our Bicentennary Banner Set at a reduced price.

At 24x32" they are big enough to attract attention, but not so big they overpower a room. They have a wide pocket hem at the top and a narrower one at the bottom to put a dowel rod or curtain rod through for hanging. 

The Names The Bab flag is inspired by the "Names of Christ" posters that you may have seen in Christian homes and businesses. The sky blue background is like adding a window to your wall, while the Names inspire reverence and an appreciation of the Bab’s place in religious history. I obviously couldn't include all of them in one poster and keep it readable from a distance, so I chose some favorites. 

Harbinger of the Most Great Light

The Return of John the Baptist

The Great Announcement

The Morn of Truth

The Primal Point

The Sea of Seas

The Herald

The Qa’im

He who Ariseth

The Trumpet Blast

The Essence of Essences

The Remembrance of God

The Forerunner of the Baha’i Faith

The Gate

These should spark some interest from a wide variety of people, especially if you hang it behind a literature table. It was actually designed with this use in mind as well. The blue sky and cloud design is based on the cover of our popular booklet "Tell Me about Bahá’u’lláh" and matching teaching cards, so people who are intrigued by it at a literature table will be drawn to the appropriate literature.

Satin fabric has a beautiful sheen. You will want to iron it before use on the reverse side using the lowest setting that creates steam. 

Design by Justice St Rain