Mini Sized Light of Unity


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People don't read anymore. That's why this new DVD pamphlet is about to change the way you teach. Priced like a mini-booklet, it offers a simple, straight-forward introduction to the Baha'i Faith that is warm, clear, welcoming, and visually attractive. At 21 minutes, it is not a talk-show or a documentary, it is a pamphlet that walks you through the basic questions of who the Baha'is are, what we believe, and who the Central Figures are. Gentle pans and short video clips with narration and moving text create a natural flow with smooth transitions. Watch it straight through, or use the menu to choose between topics. It is perfect for firesides, but it is designed to send home with your seekers. High quality, but sacrificially priced less than a latte to encourage the widest use possible. Available in two sizes. The mini-DVD is easier to carry in your purse or coat pocket, and works in all tray-feed players.