Remover of Difficulties Coin
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Trust in God/Remover of Difficulties Prayer Coins


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Two of the most powerful prayers for assistance on one easy-to-carry metal coin - The Remover of Difficulties prayer by The Bab, and "He who puts his trust in God..." prayer by Baha'u'llah.

In 1990, when I was going through a divorce and bankruptcy at the same time, a friend told me about the prayer "He who puts his trust in God, God will suffice him." Baha'u'llah had encourage a person going through financial difficulties to say this prayer 19 times a day. So I said this prayer to myself over and over whenever I was driving from one place to another. One day, while repeating the prayer, it suddenly dawned on me that I really DID trust God to take care of my material needs. From that day on, I never worried about money again.  

Now I offer YOU this prayer in the form of a coin that you can carry in your pocket, or wear on a cord around your neck.  On the reverse side is the prayer The Remover of Difficulties.  

I have an interesting story about this prayer too, but it didn't happen to me. A friend of a friend was trying to sell her house, and it just wouldn't sell. Time was dragging on and she was getting desperate. Someone told her that she should say The Remover of Difficulties 500 times, but she was in no mood to be spiritual about this. So while she was vacuuming the floor, she said the WORDS "Remover of Difficulties" over and over with each pass of the sweeper.  The house sold the next day. God works in mysterious ways.

Perhaps carrying this coin, and thinking of the prayers (and these stories) when you feel it in your pocket will make mysterious things happen in your life too.

This coin is 1.25" across and made of antique bronze-plated zinc, which makes it about the same size and color as our healing coin. The shape, however, is unusual, and it has a small hole right in the middle of the O in God that you can put a cord through if you want to wear it. You can even combine it with our Prayer for Travelers and Prayer for Protection Dog Tag

Give these to anyone who is facing difficulties, whether personal or financial. They will thank you for it.

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