Prayer for Travelers Coin
  • Prayer for Travelers Coin
  • Traveler's Coin Back
  • 3 protection medallions
  • On a Key Chain
  • Tied to Rear-View Mirror

Traveler's Prayer Coins


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Carry it in your pocket or hang it from your rear-view mirror and you will feel safer no matter where you go. 

This lovely coin has the complete text of the Prayer for Travelers that begins "I have risen this morning by Thy grace, O my God, and have left my home trusting wholly in Thee...."  It is 1.5" across and made of antique bronze-plated zinc. The larger size makes the prayer easy to read.

Nine cut-outs around the edge form a nine-pointed star and make it easy to hang.  You can hang it from your rear-view mirror with a ribbon, slip it onto your key chain or string a chain or cord through it and slide it behind the Prayer for Protection Dog Tag, and/or the Remover of Difficulties Coin.

Give these to anyone who is about to go on a trip, friends who commute, or anyone with a car or who likes to travel. 

Concept and design by Justice St Rain