Man Who Sent the MAGI

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Would you like to know more about Zoroaster? Most of us only know of the Magi, who were sent to visit the baby Jesus.

The Man Who Sent the Magi refers to the ancient Persian prophet Zoroaster, referred to in the book by His given name Zarathustra, whose prophesies were responsible for the journey of the Magi, three high priests and possible kings who journeyed over a thousand miles to gift, worship and honor the birth of the infant, Jesus. There is little popular knowledge about this marvelous man or the religion He founded and almost nothing about the interconnections and interactions of his religion and those of Judaism and Christianity.

As you read this book you will discover that this Zarathustra, who so little is known about, was the reason for the freeing of the Jews from Babylon by by Cyrus II, his Grandson many times removed, who did so for the simple reason that God would be pleased. 

The Man Who Sent the Magi is unique in that it looks not only at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, as described in the King James Version of the Christian Bible and books on Roman Catholicism, but also that of Zarathustra. It looks at the spiritual commonality between Zarathustra , Jesus and Their religions, and shows that there is far more similarity between the Zarathustrian Faith and Roman Catholicism than there is between Judaism and Roman Catholic Christianity.